Socks for Dogs

Among all the fun fashion items manufactured for dogs, you might think socks are a bit ridiculous. And I might be incline to agree with you! But I’m here to tell you when and why you should put this important piece of clothing on your dog. Environmental Hazards There are many obstacles on the sidewalk […]

20 Stock Photos of Dogs to Make your Monday Brighter

January was a little rough. In honor of the new month, let’s take a moment to reset! Whether you have a dog of your own, or enjoy scrolling through pictures of them, they can certainly help improve your mood! May your day be bright and your puppy be happy! 1. Run Outside 2. Smile More! […]

What Size Dog Clothes Should I Buy?

Dressing your dog in new outfits can be a fun experience for both of you! There are so many options. From a nice harness to an elaborate costume, you’re bound to find something your dog will love. But what size dog clothes should you buy? Each dog and dog breed is so different. Please keep […]

What NOT to Feed Dogs

A lot of human foods are perfectly safe for dogs. However, many of us are not fully aware for the extensive list of foods dogs shouldn’t eat. When getting a new puppy, it is especially important to be educated on what not to feed dogs. Some of these foods may or may not be allergens […]

Christmas Presents for Dogs

Christmas is SO close! Why do I always wait 2 weeks before the 25th to start buying presents?! If you’re anything like me, you’re starting to stress about what to get for everyone on your list. This year, let us help you find inspiration for Christmas presents for dogs. Dog Themed Ornaments from Hallmark   […]

10 Highest Rated Puppy Potty Training Products

Getting a new puppy is an exciting event in anyone’s life! But along with the puppy breath, high energy, and an adorable face comes necessary behavior training.Everyone’s individual experience with potty training can vary greatly depending on the puppy. Some puppies are eager to please, while others are more stubborn. And with so many products […]

Can Fleas Get on Dog Clothes?

Dressing up your pup can be a lot of fun! There are so many options for all breeds, sizes, and personalities. But what happens if your furry friend becomes a host for fleas while they’re wearing clothes? Fleas can live in clothing for short periods of time. However, they need an animal host in order […]

Activities for Dogs in Cold Weather

Finding new and exciting things to do with your dog can be hard. Especially when cold weather rolls around! It’s our job to entertain our pets before boredom sets in. But with so many varying personalities, it’s hard to find a one-size-fits-all activity that will please every dog. Read on to find a list of […]

Walking the Dog | Harness vs Leash

We always want to do what’s best for our furry friends! But what if what’s best different from what we’re used to? More often then not, we see dogs out and about with just a leash and collar instead of a harness. And for some dogs, that may be all they need! Harness vs leash… […]

5 Healthy Homemade Dog Treats

The best thing about dogs is the love and appreciation they show to us every day. There many different ways we can reciprocate that love such as, taking them for walks, giving them a secure home, and taking time to play with them. But we all know the best way to a dog’s heart, is […]

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