Dressing your dog in new outfits can be a fun experience for both of you! There are so many options. From a nice harness to an elaborate costume, you’re bound to find something your dog will love. But what size dog clothes should you buy? Each dog and dog breed is so different. Please keep in mind that breeds like Italian greyhounds and bull dogs may have more trouble finding the right fit because of their shoulder sizes.

Measuring Your Dog

For most pieces of clothing, you’ll just need 3 simple measurements.
  • Neck- Measure around the collar area
  • Chest- Measure around the shoulders at the widest point, right behind the front legs
  • Back Length- Measure from the collar to the start of the tail

How to Choose the Right Size

The chest measurement is the most important as this is usually the widest point of the dog. So choose the largest size necessary to accommodate the chest. Also, make sure the retailer you’re buying from has a size chart with the measurements listed next to the listed sizes. These tank tops from Fashion-Puppy.com are a perfect example of a basic dog clothing item with a size chart.
Summer Dog Tank Top
Summer Dog Tank Tops
Size Chart

A Few Tips

  • The listed measurements reflect the size of the clothes, so we suggest you choose the next size up if your dog’s measurements are the same as the clothe’s.
  • Make sure to measure your dog at the widest point.
  • If you are unable to measure the dog you are ordering clothes for, search for the measurements of the breed online. As long as the dog is of average size, the clothes should fit well.
If you have any questions about clothing, sizing, or shipping, Contact Us at Fashion-Puppy.com or find us on Facebook.

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