Dressing up your pup can be a lot of fun! There are so many options for all breeds, sizes, and personalities. But what happens if your furry friend becomes a host for fleas while they’re wearing clothes?

Fleas can live in clothing for short periods of time. However, they need an animal host in order to survive. So it’s likely they won’t spend too much time on the dog clothes.

Unlike adult fleas, it may be a little harder to spot and rid the clothes of flea eggs and larvae.


How to Get Rid of Adult Fleas

Adult fleas are very easy to kill and get off of dog clothes. Washing the clothes according to the wash instructions on the label should do the trick for mature fleas.


How to Get Rid of Eggs and Larvae

Getting eggs and larvae out of clothing is a little harder, but still easier than you may originally think!

  1. Wash clothes in hot water on the longest wash setting
  2. Use a water a bleach mixture if the clothes can withstand it
  3. For clothes that can take bleach, use a disinfecting detergent

How to Avoid Fleas

Of course, the best way to avoid fleas, is to treat your dog monthly – or when directed by your veterinarian- with flea and tick preventative medicines. There are many options, all that you can use from home! Check out this list for some of the best selling brands:

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